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Reviewed by: Kimberly (sophiegrl82@yahoo.com) (Sun, 13 Aug 2006 02:04:49)


I just finished reading this one in the collection "Everythings Eventual" and it definitely is not one of my favorites. I just came away thinking it was a pretty good read, just not great. Usually I am enthralled with whatever the King man comes out with but it wasnt the best short story in the collection. It did kind of explain the point of the Sisters and the white tent and that was all good and well. It is definitely related and does help with back story for the other Dark Tower books so I would still suggest reading it.

Reviewed by: Steve Germeau (stevenlisa03@msn.com) (Thu, 22 Apr 2004 10:16:06)

Definately a tie in to DT

I am reading (about 80 pages left) Wolves of the Calla and can maybe see a tie into DT from this story. Callahan may very well become part of this ka-tet and his history definately brought "Sister" into my mind. I think when he wrote this book he may not have know where the sisters would fit into DT, but he appears to have found a way through Callahan to make it happen. When I read The Little Sisters of Eluria I was uplifted just to read about Roland again. Been so long since I had read any of the DT stories. So after reading this, I re-read all of the DT stories again (The Gunslinger for the 5th time, Drawing for the 4th, Wastelands the 3rd, and Wizard for the 3rd time), and completed them just in time for Wolves to come out.

Reviewed by: Greg (greg.spicer@businesslinkwessex.co.uk) (Mon, 26 Jan 2004 07:58:08)

Glad I read this after DT4

Its just a shame I started with The Gunslinger: RE... basically what I mean is that had I started with little sisters I would know a lot of what happens in DT4 (especially since ive only read the revised version of the gunslinger) good story- nowt to do with the DT but good all the same... just don't like the way king sometimes gives away stuff like that... he's asking for a lot of reader investment by keeping secrets so shouldn't give others away- especially if you have to read through 400 pages ultimatly knowing what is going to happen...

Reviewed by: Tommyknocker (tagoodenough@qwest.net) (Sun, 09 Nov 2003 12:59:08)

Think maggots

As I read the other reviews of this book I am amazed at how little people can see. Anything that sheds light on Rolands past is IMPORTANT. Do we know for certain that Roland will not pass this way again? Do we know that the Doctors won't have a big part to play? Do we know that the Ka-tet won't meet the remaining sisters between the Calla and the Tower? I think not. Remember King does not write that which doesn't need to be known and ....ALL THINGS SERVE THE BEAM

Reviewed by: Roland (grantaire2212@compuserve.de) (Wed, 16 Jan 2002 01:19:34)

Any News?

It's been some time since I read Little Sisters, but I still remembered how I fevered to read this Book. Since I didn't want to wait until it would be published here in Germany, I bought the english version of Legends at amazon. When the book arrived I read the story in one day, but I was somehow dissapointed afterwards. I didn't expect important news about the main storyline of DT, but at least something about Rolands character or just something... new.

Little Sisters is quite a nice story and worth reading anyway, but not as a part of DT. The story would have worked with any character. There was just no use to have the gunslinger in it, because the reader didn't learn anything new about him. So this would be 3 bullets for the story itself and 1 bullet as a DT-Story, in the end thats 2 bullets.

Reviewed by: Matt (titleist_mwh7@yahoo.com) (Tue, 25 Sep 2001 17:49:00)

Essential read for any DT fan

Little Sisters is here strictly for knowledge of Roland and it is knowledge of Roland that most of the Dark Tower readers wanted from Stephen King. The short story is a great read, and it is really good for someone who hasn't read the Dark Tower series and wants to see what is is really like. I think that the story plays an essential part in the grand tale (for all we know, Jenna could be as important as Susan Delgado because in ways they both saved Roland's life) because it is evidence of ka. The story is not as essential as any major story but it is significant because it has ties to the Dark Tower series through both Roland and Black House. A must read for any DT fan.

Reviewed by: Derek (robinnorma@aol.com)

I've been asked the question: "What does this have to do with the Dark Tower?" I don't think this has as much to do with the Dark Tower as it does with Roland. This was intended to give the fans of the series a look at what adventures Roland went through during his search for the man in black. This, being only one of those adventures, is only a small portion of what Roland went through. People tend to forget that Roland had been searching for the man in black for quite a long time. It didn't just begin with The Gunslinger it began way before that. I really liked this short story and I hope we see more of what Roland went through in the future novels.

Reviewed by: Laurie (lmmeek0@pop.uky.edu)

Devastating Link

This story is an absolute must. Not only was it a good story in and of itself, it also linked into many other SK books. There are links of course to DT and all those the series is linked with by default, but the link that was so devastating was to Desperation and The Regulators. If you are fascinated (obsessed?) with "putting it all together", this is absolutely a must-read!

Reviewed by: TJ (tgumbert2@hotmail.com)

What is up with Eluria?

I thought The Little Sisters of Eluria was pretty good because I'm into Vampire movies, books ect, but this book had nothing to do with The Dark Tower and I don't see its significance at all. It was an ok book but I don't think it was as good as Insomnia or Low Men In Yellow Coats because those two stories revealed some things about the Breakers and different levels in the Tower.

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