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(Pg 5-8) - Editor Robert Silverberg continuously refers to Walter, whom Roland is chasing after, as "the Dark Man". While this is not completely incorrect, a more distinguishable and proper name for Walter would have been "the man in black", as he is mostly referred to as in The Gunslinger. Also editor Robert Silverberg constantly misspells the name of the character Susannah as "Suzannah". And lastly, Silverberg makes a third error in referring to the leader of "a cult thriving in the ruins of a crumbling city" as Flagg. No where in The Waste Lands was the name "Flagg" used, and in no way was he the leader of this cult that was otherwise known as The Grays. The leader was none other than the Tick-Tock Man himself. The only connection that the character of "Flagg" had in this book was his own alias of "Richard Fannin" that he used when speaking to Tick-Tock.

(Pg 10) - The village of Eluria was located in the Desatoya Mountains. The Desatoya Mountains was also the same mountain range that appeared in King's novel Desperation and was located in Nevada. Therefore, it might be plausible to assume that the village of Eluria was in fact located in the Nevada of Roland's world.

(Pg 26) - Editing error: "Roland thumbed back the trigger of his revolver and fired again." The word "trigger" should be substituted with the word "hammer". It's near impossible to "thumb back" a trigger. Funny enough, this same error was made in Wizard and Glass on page ?

(Pg 43) - Editing error: "Rhea of the Coos" should be spelled "Cos".

(Pg 70-71) - The language that Roland heard coming from the Little Sisters was one he didn't recognize. This language was the same as the one spoken by the entity Tak in King's novel Desperation and was known as "the language of the dead", "the tongue of the unformed" and "the voice of Tak".

(Pg 77-78) - Editing error: In the sentence "Why, it was we nursed Jenna back to health after her mother was nothing but dirt in the breeze the blows out toward End-World," should properly read as "Why, it was we who nursed Jenna back to health after her mother was nothing but dirt in the breeze that blows out toward End-World,".

(Pg 83) - John Norman tells Roland that he came from a place called Delain. This is none other than the same kingdom that King's novel The Eyes of the Dragon takes place in and is another connection between this book and the Dark Tower series.

(Pg 96) - Here we learn that the first name of one of Roland's greatest teachers is Abel; as in Abel Vannay... the teacher that we heard about all throughout the other books (but not to be confused with Roland's greatest teacher, Cort).

(Pg 120) - Due to the fact that this story is to have taken place before the events of The Gunslinger, the revelation that the figure whom Roland is chasing after -- the man in black -- is actually Walter, should not really have been printed here. For the readers who haven't read any of the previous Dark Tower books, this would have to be considered a spoiler. Also, to the reader, it appears that because of that particular revelation, Roland already knows who the man in black is. But at the end of The Gunslinger, Roland is surprised to find out that it is really Walter, therefore portraying the idea that Roland is clueless as to the identity of his query.

(Pg 122) - Editing error: "He smoked it down to a glowing roach, looking at her empty clothes the while," should really be "He smoked it down to a glowing roach, looking at her empty clothes all the while,".

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