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(Argument) - King says that Walter, the man in black, pretended friendship with Roland's father Steven, but who actually served Marten, Steven's own advisor and wizard. King also hints that Roland might have made a mistake by not drawing Jack Mort. There's always a price to pay for rebelling against a foretold future. This is perhaps the reason Roland's mind became divided in The Waste Lands.

(Pg 7) - There is an extra passage here that does not appear in The Waste Lands. Just after Jake says he knows the cat/complex sentence riddle (which King also forgot to add the part "our English teacher told us that one just this year."), this appears:

"For once I agree with you, Blaine old buddy." Eddie said.
"Well, jeez. Kiss my ass and go to heaven."
Eddie had no comeback for that one.

Why did this part only appear in Wizard and Glass's prologue and not in it's proper place at the end of The Waste Lands?

(Pg 14) - Here it confirms that the last time Blaine had passed thru Candleton was seven years before. Radiation levels and the chemical compound DEP3 were the cause of destruction to the inhabitants and cause of the mutations to wildlife.

(Pg 21) - We find out that the courtesy guesture Roland made toward Aunt Talitha by tapping his throat three times rapidly with the fingers of his right hand, was done to women only. For men, the left hand was used, and on the breastbone.

(Pg 27-28) - Blaine says that even love is a constant from one level of the Tower to the next ("even in these degenerate days").

(Pg 35) - Roland says that Cort held palaver with a cult or sect called the manni. Blaine thinks they were always a foolish group.

(Pg 44) - Henry Dean's gang had mentioned knowing a guy by the name of Skipper Brannigan. This is also a character from King's short story/novella called Everything's Eventual.

(Pg 58) - Eddie uses one of Roland's six-shooters to fire at Blaine's burnt out route map. However, in all other instances, Eddie uses only the Ruger. How did Eddie get hold of Roland's .45?

(Pg 67) - Here we see a part of the poem Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came by Robert Browning... the exact one that King used to help base his version of the Dark Tower story.

(Pg 70) - Roland thinks he remembers a place called Santa Fe in the Barony of Mejis.

(Pg 75) - Although it makes sense that Odetta/Detta carried a purse with her when she was drawn by Roland, this is the first time we hear tell that she (Susannah) actually still has it.

(Pg 81) - The ka-tet believe they've passed through a thinny while aboard Blaine. This is how they got to the Topeka Kansas of another when or where.

(Pg 86) - Jake believes for some reason that he may not be "done" with his parents just yet. Might he meet them again on his way to the Dark Tower or at it?

(Pg 88) - While perusing a parking lot in Topeka, neither Jake nor Eddie can recall ever hearing of a car called a Takuro Spirit.

(Pg 102) - Jake makes a reference to ghosts and says "sometimes they come back". This phrase is also the name of the short story by King; Sometimes they come back.

(Pg 103) - On this page, it says that Gilead is a Barony. Gilead was not a Barony but was a city in the Barony of New Canaan.

(Pg 107) - Roland thinks the rose may be the Tower.

(Pg 116) - Steven Deschain speaks of Marten and John Farson as two separate people.

(Pg 122) - Here, we find that the old woman we have read about is named Rhea, Witch of the Cos. This character was also talked about in King's The Eyes of the Dragon. The village people told fairy tales and myths of Rhiannon, Witch of the Cos. On page 108 in the Signet paperback of The Eyes of the Dragon it says, "Outside, the wind screamed and gobbled -- old wives cringed in their beds and slept poorly and told their husbands that Rhiannon, the Dark Witch of the Coos, was riding her hateful broom this night, and wicked work was afoot."

(Pg 171) - "'I'm going to send you away', Steven had said, sitting there on the bed and looking somberly at his only son, the one who had lived." Maybe there was another child who died at birth? Roland's brother?!

(Pg 193-94) - Ice was special on Glowing Day. What kind of special day might this be? Must be in summer for ice to be special...

(Pg 197) - Editing error: "Roland" is spelled "Ronald".

(Pg 215) - Here it speaks of Excalibur, the sword of Arthur Eld, King of All-World.

(Pg 225) - Words like Texaco, Citgo, Sunoco, and Exxon had unknown meanings in Hambry.

(Pg 399) - Here we learn that Rhea's last name is Dubativo.

(Pg 402) - Jonas spoke of moving the tankers "two by two... like Old Pa's Ark." Could this mean Noah's Ark?

(Pg 410) - 5 shooters were called "carvers".

(Pg 505) - Editing error: Theresa O'Shyven was the wife of Peter, not the husband of Peter.

(Pg 520) - Editing error: It should read here either "the Barony of Mejis" or "the town of Hambry", not "the town of Mejis."

(Pg 575) - Rhea "refreshes" herself by drinking Cordelia's blood. Almost vampire like but without the fangs. She also says she dreams of roses and the Tower.

(Pg 596-97) - Here, we hear of the Turtle, the same one from King's novel IT.

(Pg 600) - Possible editing error: The word fug should be fog. This only appears wrong in the Plume edition)

(Pg 648) - Mother Abagail and the Dark Man are mentioned here. These are characters from King's novel The Stand which shows that these two stories are indeed tied into one another along with many other points of reference.

(Pg 656) - Jake believes the "open eye" sigul is that of the Crimson King, and not of John Farson (or Flagg?).

(Pg 662) - Editing error: Here it says that both Eddie and Roland grasped Oy's paws to tap them together to open the Wizard's Gate, but in the following paragraph, it was Jake and Roland who tapped the bumblers paws together. It would be safe to assume that it was originally to be Jake and Roland, not Eddie and Roland because of Jake's attachment to Oy.

(Pg 674) - The Wizard tells Roland and his group that his name is Flagg. He says "we've met before." This refers to the time in Roland's past when he saw Flagg turn a man into a howling dog as told in The Drawing of the Three. So this means they've only met each other once before, unlike Roland had known Marten (he had known Marten for many years as a child). This does not necessarily help the theory that Marten was actually Flagg in disguise.

(Pg 679) - Gabrielle (Roland's mother) had a rug in her room made from the Province of Kashamin. Jake recalls seeing the same type of rug in the Tick-Tock Man's lair in Lud. Again, the Province of Kashamin is yet another link between the Dark Tower series and King's novel The Eyes of the Dragon.

(Pg 680) - Here it says that Jake's mother's name is Megan, but in The Waste Lands her name is Laurie.

(Pg 683) - Inside the wizard's glass, Rhea tells Eddie, Susannah and Jake to ask Roland about his old friends... Cuthbert, Alain and Jaime DeCurry. She said "he never had a friend he didn't kill, never a lover who's not dust in the wind!" We know Roland and Cuthbert killed Alain, but did Roland also really kill all the rest as well?

(Pg 692) - Roland says that the belt his mother made for him as a present was lost by him later in his life and the story of this, in part, bears on his quest for the Tower. Also he says that someone had taken the pink wizard's glass while he had fainted beside his dead mother and that later in his life he met Rhea again.

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