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(Pg 18) - In the description of the handgrips of Roland's guns, the word "ironwood" is used. This word should actually be replaced with "sandalwood", as seen in previous descriptions of his guns.

(Pg 26) - Here it says that the gunslinger ate jerky. However, in The Gunslinger on page 278, it said he ate the last of his jerky when eating with Walter, the man in black. Where did this extra jerky come from?

(Pg 27) - Roland uses the palm of his right hand to check on the jawbone in his back pocket. Therefore, it is in his right-hand back pocket. But in The Gunslinger on page 303, it said that he put the jawbone in his left back pocket, which would lead one to conclude that he would have had to use his left hand to check on it.

(Pg 33) - Editing error: If Roland was walking north on the beach of the Western Sea, how can it be correct that he saw "the sea to his right, the mountains to his left"? It would have to be the sea to his left and the mountains to his right.

(Pg 40) - Here, Roland sees a flight stewardess that is wearing "pants". He is taken aback by this because he has never seen a woman in such clothing who wasn't undressed. However, in Wizard and Glass, we meet the young Susan Delgado, whom on more than one occasion, in view of Roland, wore pants while riding her horses. Although it's obvious that Wizard and Glass comes after The Drawing of the Three, the timeline is reversed due to Roland's flashback, so that most of the events that take place in Wizard and Glass precede those of The Drawing of the Three. Simply put, as a youth, Roland has seen women in pants, but on this page in The Drawing of the Three, he says he's never seen that before.

(Pg 41) - Editing error: "Insane as it might seen." "seen" should be spelled "seem".

(Pg 46) - Editing error: It says here that Eddie was twenty-one years old, but later throughout The Drawing of the Three and the rest of The Waste Lands and Wizard and Glass, Eddie says he was born in 1964 and if he were drawn in 1987, that would make him twenty-three.

(Pg 55) - Editing error: Balazar's first name appears on this page as "Emilio". However, throughout the rest of The Drawing of the Three and The Waste Lands, his name is "Enrico".

(Pg 76) - First reference to Eddie Dean's sister, "Selina". Later on in The Waste Lands, she would be known as "Gloria".

(Pg 82) - Editing error: The red-lines of blood-poisoning should only appear in his right arm, not both arms.

(Pg 96) - Editing error: Same problem that appears on page 46. Because it was written twice like this in Eddie's first appearances, it could be construed that Eddie really is only twenty-one years old, but other parts of the story later in the series don't seem to agree.

(Pg 115) - The question has been circulating around over the years of "what happened to the cocaine that Eddie was carrying and why didn't he use it when he wanted a fix"? Well, here we read that Roland had hid the bags of "devil-dust" or cocaine into "a cleft between two rocks and covered them with handfuls of sparse saw-grass" to keep them out of harms way from the lobstrosities on the beach while he was by himself and Eddie on the other side of the door. Both Roland and Eddie seemed later to have forgotten about the cocaine and although Eddie could have asked Roland about it, cocaine was not the drug Eddie could use to fulfill his "need"... it was heroin that Eddie "needed".

(Pg 139) - In the alphabet that Roland was taught, there was no "H" because when in Eddie's world, he could not read the word "THE". He recognized the other two letters but could not make sense of the "H". He said he'd never seen that word before. Perhaps there is an "H" in his alphabet, but it had looked or been designed differently?

(Pg 192) - Editing error: In the fourth paragraph the second word "man" should be spelled "main".

(Pg 197) - Editing error: Same error that occurred on page 82 about the red-lines of blood-poisoning traveling up both arms is incorrect. It is only his right arm that is infected.

(Pg 205) - Editing error: Again, same error as on page 33. At the top it continues, "it could only be obtained by looking left, to the east." It would have to be the word "right", not "left" to be correct.

(Pg 214) - The mention of the name "Poppa Doc" is here. It is also the same name of the Bean Man in The Gunslinger.

(Pg 215) - February 1964 was the time of Odetta/Detta's drawing.

(Pg 227) - At age twenty-three, Detta couldn't be walking along a store counter because she had lost her legs before that time. Also, Odetta's father died in '62, leaving her his fortune on her twenty-fifth birthday (which was also in 1962).

(Pg 233) - Here Eddie mentions the movie based on King's novel The Shining.

(Pg 234) - Editing error: Here Eddie thinks about the 60's movie "In the Heat of the Night", but the actors names are wrong. Listed are "Sidney Steiger" and "Rod Poitier", when in fact the correct names should be "Sidney Poitier" and "Rod Steiger".

(Pg 245) - In George's nightmare, the correct version of what he saw should have been an eyeball on a Samsonite suitcase like in the description previous to this part, not an eyeball on a teddy bear.

(Pg 247 & 252) - Editing error: "Estavez", as in Julio Estavez, should be spelled "Estevez" as seen on the previous page of 244.

(Pg 260) - Again, Eddie mentions the movie based on King's novel The Shining.

(Pg 262) - Here is the first reference to The Wizard of Oz which would play a larger role later on in Wizard and Glass.

(Pg 265) - Here we learn a little bit about Cuthbert's death... and that Roland cried over his lifeless corpse.

(Pg 269) - Here Eddie actually states that he is twenty-three years old and was born in 1964. He also confirms he was taken or drawn from his when of 1987.

(Pg 316) - It states properly here that the red-lines of blood-poisoning are traveling up the right arm, not both arms like on page's 82 and 197.

(Pg 318) - Editing error: "Detta began rubbing her temples with her fingers." How could she if her arms were tied to her wheelchair's arm rests?

(Pg 370) - Editing error: If Odetta had been five years old when Jack Mort dropped the brick on her and she had been born in 1937, how could Jack own a mid 50's auto when said event must have taken place in the early 1940's? Upon further research of the continuing story-line and information gathered therein, an editing error must have been made on this page.

(Pg 383) - Here, it tells of Detta's first time looking through the doorway of "The Pusher" and sees the scene where Roland is in Jack Mort's body and is in Katz's Drug Store. However, previously on page's 372-73, while in Jack's body but in Jack's office, Roland catches a quick glimpse of Detta's shadow beside the doorway. This might constitute an error in the time-line.

(Pg 391) - Editing error: In the sentence "-an Eddie Dean or Odetta Walker, for instance-", there is an error. "Odetta Walker" should be "Odetta Holmes".

(Pg 402) - Editing error: Here it is stated that Carl Delevan, nine years later after the incident with Roland/Jack, had a heart attack while watching the movie The Terminator. This movie appeared in 1984, making the year of Roland's time in Jack Mort, 1975. However, this can not be correct because it is stated throughout The Waste Lands that Roland entered Jack's body in the same year Jack pushed Jake Chambers, which was 1977.

2nd Editing error: "He remembered because Blue-Suit had had that some fucking habit." The word "some" should be spelled "same".

(Pg 403) - Editing error: The name "Arnold Clements" is mistakenly substituted for the character's real name, which was "Justin Clements" as seen on previous page 401.

(Pg 410) - We learn of Alain's demise by the guns of Roland and Cuthbert here.

(Pg 418-19) - Here we meet three characters from King's book The Eyes of the Dragon. These three are none other than Flagg, Thomas and Dennis. This unmistakably ties-in The Dark Tower series to The Eyes of the Dragon. Also, we will get to meet Flagg later on in Wizard and Glass. It also states here that Roland believes he might meet Marten again before Roland reaches the Tower... or possibly at it. This signifies that Marten is not dead and did successfully escape Roland after the fall of Gilead.

(Pg 427) - Roland confirms again the notion that not all the letters in the alphabet of the world Eddie and Odetta come from are in his own alphabet. There are too many actually.

(Pg 430) - This is strange. O'Mearah picks up the .357 Magnum and "stuffed it in his belt" because "it wouldn't fit in his holster." How could it fit in his holster when he didn't have one? Roland took both O'Mearah and Delevan's belt, gun and holster. Why would O'Mearah try to fit it in there when he didn't have one?

(Pg 436) - Here is another strange part. O'Mearah yells "Hold it!" to Roland/Jack and points the .357 Magnum at him and prepares to shoot. Even if he had managed to beat Roland to the draw, nothing would have happened. The Magnum didn't have any bullets. Roland emptied the Magnum before he left the gun shop and put the bullets in his pants pocket. Wouldn't O'Mearah have been surprised to know that!

(Pg 439-40) - Editing error: Odetta Holmes had her legs cut off in 1959. When Roland entered Jack Mort, he was in the same year that Jack would have pushed Jake Chambers in, which was actually 1977. On this page it says "...where that fabled A-train had cut off the legs of a woman named Odetta Holmes some three years before." The part of "three years before" can not be correct if the time span between 1959 and 1977 remains constant. It should have said "eighteen years before".

(Pg 442 & 444) - Editing error: On both these pages a police officer is named "Wheaton" (as in "Norris Wheaton"), but on the previous pages of 440-41, he is named "Norris Weaver".

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