The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass

Artist: Dave McKean

Artist: Dave McKean

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1997 Dave McKean

Title Page
Prologue - Blaine
Part One - Riddles

"God help us"
"All hail the Crimson King!"
Part Two - Susan
"Two drops of poison"

"Her arms and belly and breasts breaking out in gooseflesh"
"And at the bar, a whole line of assorted toughs"
"Cuthbert, meanwhile, had already reloaded"
"But he and his love were no longer children"

"Pinch and Jilly"
Part Three - Come, Reap
"Smiling lips revealed cunning little teeth"
"There they died together-o"

"Of the three of them, only Roland saw her"
"The firelight made baleful streaks on her face"
"It cut the old man's throat effeciently enough"
"The Dark Tower rearing to the sky"

"A flash as the big-bang exploded"
Part Four - All God's Chillun Got Shoes
"The wicked witch of the East"
"And then that strange albino leaf caught his eye"


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