Have you ever wanted to buy and wear t-shirts that are official (or even unofficial!) Dark Tower merchandise? Ever wanted to show off your addiction to the DT series by parading around with logos, images and illustrations from the books on your shirt (not to mention any other type of clothing)? Well, now's your chance to do so with some really kick-ass products from The Dark Tower Compendum Store!!

With some of the most beautiful and detailed artwork from the likes of artists Zach McCain, Bill Mudron, Michael Axt and Patrick Caldwell, so won't believe your eyes when you see this stuff!

And, what's more, is that this merchandise project has the official "thumbs-up" from Stephen King himself!! He has give us copyright permission to use several quotes and lines from the DT books themselves... including The Poem of the Guardian Turtle and Guardian Bear!! How absolutely cool is that??!! The first ever officially sanctioned, Dark Tower fan merchandise store!!

Friends, fanatics and DT Junkies... feast your eyes on just a small example of what awaits you at...

The Dark Tower Compendum Store!

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