Here's a cool item I recieved, to go along with my Wolves of the Calla ARC... a Wolves of the Calla promotional t-shirt! And my gracious "supporter" even sent the right size too! (X-Large... who would've guessed! *wink*)

Now here's the interesting part... these are VERY rare and limited t-shirts!! The exact quantity available is unknown (assumed to be very few!), but if you're lucky... and I mean REALLY luck to find one... BUY IT!! Produced by Simon & Schuster to promote Wolves of the Calla (of course! duh!), there is a misprint on the t-shirt and either the remaining t-shirts were destroyed, or they are in some unknown hidden location. The reason for this? They forgot to print Stephen King's name on it!! haha! Lucky for me I've got a very close friend in a high place. You know who you are and I say thankya, BIG-BIG!! *smile*

These two pictures above are of The Waste Lands print portfolio by Ned Dameron. The picture on the left is of the "Artist Signed Edition" which has all prints numbered and signed by Dameron. The picture on the right is the regular "Trade Edition" which has all of the prints, but not numbered or signed.

These are frame pictures of illustrations done by Michael Whelan. The first is a picture of the framed signed & numbered print of The Gunslinger and was found in Betts Bookstore, and the last two are of the framed signed & numbered prints of The Gunslinger and The Little Siters of Eluria, from Michael Whelan's official website.

This is a picture of the signed and numbered print of The Little Sisters of Eluria by Erik Wilson. This is my very own print, matted and framed. This is print #63 of 500.

These two pictures are of a promotional cube piece for the Plume edition of The Gunslinger. This piece is approx. 1 1/2' cubed in size. A very nice mobile piece to hang from a ceiling. I don't know where you can find one of these things now, but if you can find it... GRAB IT!! *smile*

This is a picture of a promotional piece for The Gunslinger, Signet paperback version. It is a gift bag, with rope handles, that was obtained at a promotional convention in 1985 from the Signet "table".

Picture 1) This picture is of the stand-up display used at book conventions to display the ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy) of the Plume edition of The Drawing of the Three. Picture 2) This picture is of the top portion of the stand-up display used by bookstores to display the Signet edition of The Waste Lands. Picture 3) This picture is of the top portion of the stand-up display used by bookstores to display the TOR edition of LEGENDS which contains the Dark Tower short story The Little Sisters of Eluria. This is a picture from my collection.

These pictures below are the outside and inside pages of a promotional piece for the Signet paperback edition of The Gunslinger.

Another piece in my personal collection is this foldable promo ad circular for the release of the NAL audio edition of The Gunslinger read by King himself. Inside shows the specifics of when the audio book would be on sale, where to buy it and the details of the audiobook itself. Also shown inside are some images of King "posing" for the camera. He ain't camera shy, is he? *wink*

These two picture are inside and outside images of the Stephen King newsletter called Castle Rock in which the rare, first appearance of The Drawing of the Three could be read by subscribers. This was the April/May 1987 issue which sold for $2.50 an issue... and if you can find it now, would be worth alot more now that it was back then! hehe! Another piece from my personal collection.

This image is of the 4 piece magnet set produced by Betts Bookstore of Bangor, Maine. On each is represented one of the covers of the D.M. Grant hardcover collection. Measuring approx. 2 1/4" x 3 1/4", these magnets are flat with the corners rounded out. But note that The Gunslinger magnet is designed just a bit differently. Being the first of the collection to be produced, this piece is just a bit smaller with cornered edges and while still flat, has a "puffy" look to it. These pieces are absolutely fantastic to look at and would be a great addition to any collection. Mine. *smile*

Here's a couple of special items that most people don't know about. These are 3 of about 6-8 cards produced to showcase the work of Michael Whelan. Of the two Michael Whelan collectible card series (each with about 90 cards), there are cards just like these that show the illustrations from The Gunslinger that Whelan did. I'm trying my best to get the other DT cards in the series, but if you happen to see them, scan them and let me know!

Published originally in chapters before the D.M. Grant editions, the five chapters of The Gunslinger appeared separately in the monthly short story magazine Fantasy & Science Fiction. As seen from my collection, here are the individual issues in which each chapter appeared:

Date: October 1978
"The Gunslinger"
Date: April 1980
"The Way Station"
Date: February 1981
"The Oracle and the

Date: July 1981
"The Slow Mutants"
Date: November 1981
"The Gunslinger and
the Dark Man"
Date: December 1990
"The Bear" (also
contains King's short story
"The Moving Finger")

This is a picture of the UK (British) copies of The Dark Tower series 1-3. A very nice collectible even if just for the artwork alone!

The Dark Tower Compendium