This is both front and side views of the most resently published/produced ('98) boxed Gift Set edition printed by D.M. Grant of the first three books of the Dark Tower series. Slipcased in a newly designed box with King's signature embossed, is a 3rd printing of The Gunslinger, a 2nd printing of The Drawing of the Three (with new artwork by Phil Hale), and a 1st printing of The Waste Lands. Original price was set at $110 US from the publisher, but can now be found at specialty book shops on-line from $80-90 US. A great deal for serious collectors.

Here are some more detailed pictures of the above boxed set
of the D.M. Grant edition of The Dark Tower 1-3

This picture is of a slipcased set of 1st editions of all the Dark Tower books printed by D.M. Grant. Note that Wizard and Glass was boxed separately and in two volumes instead of the more popular single volume. This double volume of Wizard and Glass was released so because it was the signed limited edition.

This is a picture of the boxed Plume Trade Paperback editions. With the same editions of The Gunslinger that was printed in '88, The Drawing of the Three of '90 and The Waste Lands of '91, this boxed set was put together when The Waste Lands was released. This boxed set is very rare and you'll be lucky to see it anywhere! Pick it up if you can!

This picture is of the slipcased Signet paperback books of The Gunslinger and The Drawing of the Three. While not completely a rare find (although it's one of the rareer slipcased editions), it would be a pretty cool collectible just for the slipcase itself. One of the many pieces in my personal collection.

This picture is of the slipcased reissued editions of the paperback versions of the first three books in the Dark Tower series by Signet. This can be found at most book stores and if not in stock can be ordered from the publishers.

The Dark Tower Compendium